Retail Store Information

From Bouldering to Traditional climbing equipment, our retail section has a wide variety of items. Whether you are looking for that bomber cam from Black Diamond or a Guidebook to some of the eastern US's best climbing spots, you will most likely find it here. The great thing is, if we don't have what you want in stock, we can special order anything from a very large selection of retail distributors and you will not have to pay shipping. So why order online and pay shipping and tax on most climbing equipment purchases when you can just shoot us a call and we can get the item shipped directly from the dealer department and not charge you for shipping. Wait, we don't believe we have said that enough yet: We pay for the shipping!!! Not only that, but ordering through dealer services rather than customer service we have found that most of the time orders are shipped faster and arrive quicker. So come on by and check out our nice selection of shoes, books and gear.


We carry a really good selection of shoes and our staff is always willing to help explain what each type of climbing shoe is for, how they should be fitted and what to recommend for you to best suit your needs and desires. You wont get that from an online retailer and you will never leave disappointed in the expertise our staff exudes about our equipment. We carry the following shoe companies and can special order and shoe that the company carries (we have catalogs you can look through): Five Ten, La Sportiva, Scarpa, Evolv and Mad Rock.

Quick Note: As of Spring 2010, the Climbing Place does not carry the Vibram Five Finger shoes. We would like to point out about the five finger shoes; these shoes are NOT intended for climbing. Vibram does supply climbing rubber to La Sportiva for their shoes; however, the five-finger shoes are nowhere near the capabilities of normal climbing shoes. Normal climbing shoes are designed to utilize a toe box with the strength of all your toes to pull into the wall or help stabilize yourself on a small hold. The five finger shoes separate toes and do not allow for all your muscles in your foot to work in conjunction thus creating a ore difficult time on the wall. Believe it or not, your feet and foot work during a climb is far more important to your arm strength and hand grip and any seasoned climber will tell you this is true. Take it from the experts at shoes and foot work; we highly recommend traditional climbing shoes over the five finger shoes.

Climbing Hardware and Accessories

Because of the large market of climbing hardware and accessories, we usually cannot carry every single product you may desire; however, we are a listed as a dealer for more than 50+ different climbing and outdoor related companies from Balck Diamond to Nemo Tents and can special order any item you may want. Why special order with us over ordering from the Internet? As a dealer, orders we place are processed and shipped as soon as they are called in: sort of like a rush delivery. We also will not charge for shipping for any special orders unless they are shipped other than standard ground. If you don't know if we carry a particular item please send us an email or stop by to look at our dealer catalogs to check out the gear we can get you. We can also tell you about any new products that are going to be released soon.