2011 Annual ABS Competition.

Membership/Team Rates

Looking to make The Climbing Place your home and share in your love of climbing? Check out our membership options for individuals and family members. If you aren't quite sure if a membership is what you are looking for, why not check out our punch passes. You can save money on climbing and get a good feel for our family and get to know all the regulars to the gym before you decide to dish out the love for a membership. Have you considered the savings? It may look like a lot of money at first, but the more you pay up front the less you spend in the long run. If you come to the gym twice a week minimum with a monthly membership, you save about $10 in climb time; imagine if you came three times a week the saving you'll have. Now look at this price difference: if you climb twice a week for a year you save $580 with an annual membership. That is over a 50% discount!!!!

Ready to let your kid take the next step and get serious with rock climbing? Is your kid's passion for rock climbing growing out of control like a chi pet? Why not try our climbing team. The teaching methods and instruction your kid will get will help propel them into the fascinating sport of rock climbing like never thought of before. The Climbing Place as sent numerous climbers to Nationals over the past years as well as invitational junior bouldering circuits across the nation. Be ready though, because before you know it, your kid will be climbing harder than you so have a humble mind.

Membership Prices

Note that in order to qualify for more than one climber signing up for membership the climbers MUST BE RELATIVES. Gear rental is NOT included with membership purchase.
Monthly Quarterly Biannual Annual
1 Climber $70 $180 ($65) $300 ($55) $550 ($50)
Family of 2 $100 $260 ($90) $450 ($80) $700 ($63)
Family of 3 $120 $320 ($110) $550 ($95) $775 ($73)
Family of 4 $140 $370 ($130) $650 ($110) $850 ($82)
Family of 5 $160 $430 ($150) $750 ($130) $925 ($91)
Family of 6+ $180 $490 ($170) $850 ($145) $1000 ($99)

You can have the option of paying a membership in full for monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly. You can also pay monthly for all options with a credit card only (amount in parenthesis). Depending on your option of choice, we will debit your account based on your membership due date. If you desire to cancel your membership, you need to do so before the next payment due date. If you fail to complete your commitment or you wish to cancell your membership, there will be a $50 cancellation fee required to close out your membership. Credit card information is used for billing purposes only, and will be kept in a secure location. Tem membership: pays monthly amount.

Youth Team Prices

The team membership is not for adults. Climbers under the age of 18 can sign up for the team. This program is intended for competition in the USAC and other competative climbing functions. Only kids qualified to compete will compete.

The climbing team is a three month commitment. Each climber will need his/her own chalk and chalk bag. Rental equipment is included until the climber reaches their first three months on the team, then they must purchase their own gear.

Training outside of team night with coach is treated as a technique class with a 1/2 price discount: 1 1/2 hours for $22.50.

Team meets twice a week on Monday and Thursday from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. As with the membership, climbers signing up for the team only qualify for more than one climber if they are related.

Team prices

Team members pay monthly rates shown in membership chart above.